Courtesy Janna Beatty gives client, Lori Bruns, a color analysis. Beatty is an image consultant owner of Color 1 Associates makeover in Waco. The two their heads together produced “Quintessential Style: Cultivate Communicate Your Signature Look.” The book has won several awards its publication in 2014. Most recently, the book was awarded a 2017 Press . Beatty is an image consultant with more than 30 years of experience, and owner of Color 1 Associates makeover studio in Waco. White is a former teacher and professional from Temple. The two through a mutual friend and have known each other for nearly 10 years. Their friendship moved them to co-author a book that would convey ideas Beatty had been teaching her clients throughout her years of experience. “My clients are amazing,” said Beatty. “And I hadn’t worked with women before I got in this industry, and women are so nurturing and so sharing. And when I got to someone’s closet they would all think they had that were uniquely their own. Occasionally that was true. But what I learned from working with them is that there isn’t a solution […]

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