PHOTO: FILE LAHORE: The news of my TV serial ‘Baaghi’ has got everyone talking. Since we unveiled this project a of months back, my timeline, inbox, personal messages have all been about one thing, one thing alone: why did I write Qandeel Baloch’s story? Quite frankly, I’ve been stumped by this question. While writing, I never thought why I’m writing it, that answer has always been a given: hers is a story that screams to be . A small town, barely-educated girl with ‘grand’ dreams of supporting her family dared take a step outside her house. Dared. Now she’s a cautionary tale. It’s the people who are responsible for Qandeel Baloch’s death: Saba Qamar My serial is about that transformation. The conversion of a poor, uneducated girl Fauzia Azeem into seduction artist, Qandeel Baloch. It is about the men who slammed all doors of dignified living to her. Men, who forced her to exist on her charms alone. Men, who feverishly slammed her after watching her latest video on Instagram. It is about the women who called her worse names, never stopped to what if circumstances placed them in her […]