Dri­ver Movie Baby a young man who cre­ates remix­es of his life. He records con­ver­sa­tions had around him (almost always around not with him) on an old-fash­ioned mini-cas­sette recorder, mix­es them into songs with some won­der­ful­ly anti­quat­ed key­board and rhythm equip­ment. The first one we see him cre­ate called “Was He Slow,” a ques­tion asked by an accom­plice about Baby’s men­tal capac­i­ty as a hook. Much like Baby turns the world around him into , writer/​director Edgar Wright remix­es the movies and tunes that have influ­enced him into the wild­ly joy­ous and fan­tas­ti­cal­ly enter­tain­ing “Baby Dri­ver.” As CGI robots clang into each oth­er and super­heroes take to the sky, here’s Wright to ask if you remem­ber how movies used to thrill us with a turn of phrase, a squeal of a wheel, a div­ing twist, or a roman­tic kiss. “Baby Dri­ver” feels both influ­enced by the mod­ern era of self-aware, pop-cul­ture film­mak­ing and charm­ing­ly old-fash­ioned at the same time, which only one of its minor mir­a­cles. It’s as much fun as you’re going to have in a movie the­ater this year. , his name is “B-A-B-Y, Baby” ( Ansel […]