Edgar has always been a master behind the camera. His modus operandi involves taking odd and seemingly cluttered movie concepts and turning them into cohesive and exciting romps. His newest film “Baby Driver” is a mix of “The Transporter," “Fast and the Furious” and a soundtrack designed by someone completely manic. The soundtrack syncs up to a specific piece of music, therefore making it an action movie musical with a bit of young-adult romance thrown in. Despite this, Edgar Wright makes this disjointed starting point work in a fluid and exciting way. After a car accident leaves young Baby (Ansel Elgort) with tinnitus discovers music helps him drown out the persistent ringing in his ears. Using the beats and of the music to heighten his focus takes on a job as an incredibly skilled driver. After stealing from a crime boss called Doc (Kevin Spacey), Baby is forced to pay back his debt by operating as the getaway driver for Doc’s constantly changing band of criminals who fund Doc with elaborate bank heists. Baby finds his escape from his life of crime and his saving grace in Debora (Lily James), a […]