Back to the Future Day: 9 sci-fi technologies that totally didn't happen by 2017

Contributed by There used to be a fantasy in fiction that the year 2000 would take us rocketing into the "future." This was a brave new future in people could their eyes suddenly end up on another planet, where the weather could be altered with the flip a switch, where cars flew off into the horizon you could make your elevator burst through the ceiling into the open sky if you felt like it. Except none of those technologies exist … it’s 2017. So why does hypermodern tech like personal force fields airborne autos fly through the pages of sci-fi novels across movie screens? Where there aren’t scientific impossibilities, there are scientific ( other) obstacles. is viewed as possible but so complex that are still in the prototype stages. Some has been theorized but not even researched yet. Not all possible outcomes are as positive as vivid imaginations make them out to be, either. Maybe you could be surrounded by your own electromagnetic force field if you wore some not-yet-invented suit that would make you a charged object … but could also make you either […]

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