Jadon Gibson It was no secret that Talt Hall was making a list of men “he wanted dealt with after demise.” The famous author, John Fox Jr., was told he was on the list and asked Hall’s priest to suggest that he be more honorable to include in his confession that he didn’t want any further criminal done on his behalf. “An ambush on us would be easy we passed through the laurel and rhododendron,” the author wrote. Many lawmen southwest Virginia including about thirty members of the Police Guard Big Stone Gap arrived in Wise, Virginia where Bad Talt Hall was to be hanged. The build-up was to counter the threat of Devil John Wright’s men. It was known they were in the area to Hall out of jail. Heartbeats quickened on a dark night a gunshot was heard near the jail. First thoughts were that Wright’s men were breaking Talt out. They soon found however that a cow wandered near the jail and one of the guard’s trigger finger was too heavy and resulted in the shot in the dark. “They’re coming after me,” Hall spoke […]

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