Kelly Creighton: her stories are memorable because of the quality of the writing Buy Now If the point of new fiction is to showcase emerging writers, the Belfast author Kelly Creighton is an ideal candidate. Her debut collection Bank Holiday Hurricane is not without some novice signs, most apparent in the flow of certain stories, but it is also brimming with potential. The 16 stories are by turns gritty and moving, with writing that can be both lyrical and stark. Creighton has a poet’s eye for imagery and a novelist’s understanding of the value of a good plot. Her stories pack in a lot in a relatively short collection. Recurring characters give the impression of an interlinked narrative, a form that has worked so well for authors like Elizabeth Strout , or Donal Ryan here at home, but often the reappearances in Bank Holiday Hurricane are too minor for lasting impact. They are momentary flashes in the reader’s mind, gone again before we’ve registered their import. The technique works extremely well in the collection’s penultimate and arguably strongest story, Through the Cracks , which tells of a relationship breakdown following the death of a child. The grieving mother describes […]