Best Scrivener iOS Sync Settings

More and more writers are working cross-platform. And they are using Scrivener for iOS to do so. It saves them the need to bring a heavy laptop along. Yet many are confused or intimidated about syncing projects with their desktop versions of Scrivener. This post hopes to remove the confusion and intimidation when syncing with Scrivener for iOS. Syncing Scrivener is easy and safe when done properly. And the first step is to define the best Scrivener iOS sync settings! The main problem people have with syncing is forgetting to close their Scrivener project on one platform before opening and editing it on another. Even in that case, there is unlikely to be a conflict. And if there is, Scrivener alerts you to review and fix if necessary. This post with show you how to define the best Scrivener iOS sync settings to have Scrivener do the heavy-lifting when it comes to syncing and minimize the possibility of conflicts or other syncing errors. Finding where to define the best Scrivener iOS Sync settings Many writers do not realize they have control over setting the Scrivener sync settings. First, let’s find out where they are located. One approach is to […]

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