Best-selling author Fiona McIntosh’s new book “The Tea Gardens” explores the last days of British Raj

Fiona McIntosh poses at Capri Hotel in Brisbane ahead of the launch of her new book, The Tea Garden. :News Corp Australia What could be more enticing than a novel the last days of the British Raj in India? A book tea perhaps? Perhaps a book both? British-born author Fiona McIntosh, whose background is Anglo-Indian, combined these two to great effect in her latest novel, The Tea . McIntosh, 57, who lives in the Clare Valley of South Australia, is a bestseller whose historical novels often use flavours and aromas as touchstones. There was The Lavender Keeper, The Perfumer’s Secret and more recently The Chocolate Tin , an historical saga involving the Rowntree chocolate factory in the north of England. The Tea continues the tradition, with the aroma of tea as a subtle device to entice readers. Set between the wars in dying days of the Raj, the novel takes readers on an unforgettable from the English seaside town of Brighton to the slums of Calcutta, and eventually on to the breathtaking Himalayas and Darjeeling, a summer retreat and well-known home to tea plantations. Many a cuppa is drunk along […]

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