Big Fish & Begonia – Movie Review

So apparently China is making big animated movies now? Good on them. No seriously, that wasn’t sarcasm. Good on them. The more different animations out there the better. Especially if they’re as gorgeous and engaging as this movie. Seriously though, as anyone who knows me might be aware, I’m a fairly big fan of animated movies. Especially ones with traditional hand-drawn animation. So when I got the chance a couple of weeks ago to check this movie out, at the London Film Festival, I was practically chomping at the bit. Not only did the trailer look gorgeous, but it was also animated by Studio Mir, the same studio who did such shows as Legend of Korra and the recent Voltron show. So did it live up to my expectations? Pretty much yeah. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a fantastic movie and it’s certainly no Ghibli, but as far as a first effort goes, it was really damn good. Not only did it look absolutely amazing, but it was able to pull some really damn strong emotional chops. I’m not a guy who really cries at a movies, but this came closer than any other film this year. The […]

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