Recently I picked up a and one of the blurbs on its cover, by a well-known , read, “If you haven’t read (this ) yet, you have been missing one of the great summer-read novelists of all time.” That blurb generated some thoughts on my part: does that blurb mean that this is only good for summertime reading? And that thought led to another: is summertime reading so different from what or how we read at other times of the year? It does seem as if people do see summertime reading as different, or special. After all, we see displays in bookstores for “the best summertime reading selections,” and it seems to be the norm that regular writers, me included, at least once during the summer do a review of their own best choices for the season’s reading, out on the porch, or by the lake. And, of course, the next thought was what I have been reading lately, and I realized that while the last two books I have finished were worlds apart, both ended up with the same message to be taken away from the experience. One was by a well-known public figure, and the […]

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