Recent­ly I picked up a book and one the blurbs on its cov­er, by a well-known , read, “If you haven’t read (this ) yet, you have been miss­ing one the great sum­mer-read nov­el­ists all time.” That blurb gen­er­at­ed some thoughts on my part: does that blurb mean that this author only good for sum­mer­time read­ing? And that thought led to anoth­er: sum­mer­time read­ing so dif­fer­ent from or how we read at oth­er times of the year? It does seem as if peo­ple do see sum­mer­time read­ing as dif­fer­ent, or . After all, we see dis­plays in book­stores for “the best sum­mer­time read­ing selec­tions,” and it seems to be the norm that reg­u­lar writ­ers, me includ­ed, at least once dur­ing the sum­mer do a review of their own best choic­es for the season’s read­ing, out on the porch, or by the lake. And, of course, the next thought was what I have been read­ing late­ly, and I real­ized that while the last two books I have fin­ished were worlds apart, both end­ed up with the same mes­sage to be tak­en from the expe­ri­ence. One was by a well-known pub­lic fig­ure, and the […]