Bio Gets to Know Reckless Daughter and Eternal Singer-Songwriter Joni Mitchell

There’s a well-known scene The Last Waltz which Neil Young sings “Helpless.” On the chorus a haunting harmony vocal floats on the air, weaving under Young’s raspy vocals. The camera cuts to the willowy figure of Joni Mitchell sitting offstage, behind a curtain. We never needed the revelation, though; those sultry tones unmistakably belonged to Mitchell. She then on to lead The Band through her open-tuned discursive journeys of “Coyote,” “Furry Sings the Blues,” and “Shadow and Light.” Her own performances stunned the band and the audience with her poised free-form compositions. A primitive beauty and fearless creativity imbue Mitchell’s songwriting. She remains, more than Dylan, our most ambitious — in the sense of curiously and restlessly moving into new musical terrains in search of new and different sounds — and visionary . In , the music world collectively held its breath when news broke that Mitchell appeared to be on her deathbed. many of those reports were exaggerated, Mitchell had suffered the debilitating effects of a brain aneurysm. she has slowly recovered, mostly out of the public eye, she remains the foremost lady of the canyon, whose music has influenced countless […]

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