Birth of a Book: The Writing Stage: Writing the First Draft

Part of the Early Stages of a Novel Series This series has been discussing the early stages of writing a novel. We started with the Stage One: the Idea Stage, beginning with the Inspirational Spark, moving on to Brainstorming the Idea, Clarifying the Idea, and wrapping it up with Testing the idea . Next, we entered Stage Two: Development, which got us looking at ways to create characters, and then further develop those characters . We then shifted to setting and world building, then we focused on figuring out the plot, and wrapped up Stage Two with summarizing the story . Today, we finish the series with Stage Three, writing the first draft. Since a large chunk of this site is dedicated to the specifics of how to write a first draft, I’m going to step back and and approach this a little differently this time. No matter how much I wish I could list out the exact steps you need to write a killer first draft, no such thing exists. Every writer has their own way of writing, and as comforting as that is, it’s also a bit terrifying—because there’s no one “right way” we can follow. I’ve […]

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