‘Blade Runner 2049’ Ending: Screenwriters Reveal Secrets Of That Memorable Final Scene

Blade Runner 2049 is now playing at theaters, and like the original Blade Runner , reaction is mixed. Some herald it as a masterpiece while others feel it’s all style and no substance. One of the film’s most powerful moments arrives at the very end, but that ending has some people speculating on deeper possible meanings. Now, the writers of the film have weighed in with their thoughts, as has comic book writer Mark Millar . MAJOR SPOILERS FOLLOW , so be warned. Read on for the Blade Runner 2049 ending theories. Denis Villeneuve ‘s Blade Runner 2049 is a big movie with big ideas. In fact, the movie feels so big that it can actually come across as a bit overwhelming and dizzying as it pulls you deeper and deeper into its world. A movie that traffics in unusual concepts is often going to be dissected and studied and analyzed, which is a good thing! One section of the movie that I personally don’t think is mysterious at all, in any way, is the ending. But apparently I’m in the minority, and the film’s emotional ending has left some perplexed. Screenwriters Michael Green and Hampton Fancher , who […]

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