Blade Runner 2049 Movie Review: Ryan Gosling's Film Is A Staggering Visual Achievement

Blade Runner 2049 Movie Review: A poster of the film. (Image courtesy: Twitter) Cast: Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Ana de Armas Director: Denis Villeneuve Rating: 4 stars (Out of 5) I wonder if I am a replicant. The 1982 Ridley Scott film Blade Runner tantalisingly created a dystopian future, a world where androids were smart enough to fool humans yet not smart enough to inherently understand if they themselves were androids. These humanoid beings were called Replicants, and those who would hunt, shoot and ‘retire’ them went by the preposterously cool designation Blade Runner. If I am a replicant, have I actually ever watched the old ‘original’ Blade Runner with its clunky but disinterested noir narration? Or have I merely been handed someone else’s memories of watching it? And what of the exquisite, cleaner, sadder unicorn-filled ‘Final Cut’? Is it as different or was the happy ending not as compromised as I remember? (Actually, don’t answer that one. It was bad.) Do I watch movies or do I remember the idea of watching movies? Does it matter if I think they are real? Then again, how real can a movie be, anyway? And what will I answer when asked […]

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