On Saturday, October 28th, from 10:30 in the morning through the late afternoon/early evening arts and letters show and reception, the Bloomingdale Civic Association (BCA) will be hosting its 6th bi-annual with the theme being “Victorian Secrets & Modern Truths.” Highlighted will be a mix houses showcasing the best Victorian, and contemporary Bloomingdale-area homes. (Rain will be Sunday, the 29th.) Proceeds from the house will primarily provide scholarships Bloomingdale , as well as support community beautification and preservation efforts. Bloomingdale architect, Ahmet Kilic, will kick off the morning with a multi-media lecture discussing the history of Bloomingdale’s architecture, the functions served by original interiors and adaptations of those interiors over time to meet changing needs and lifestyles. The morning hours will also feature a variety of educational activities, including interactive workshops on such topics as using color and pattern, urban landscaping, container gardening, and use of color. All workshops will be conducted by neighborhood architects and designers. The closing event, the arts and letters show and reception, will also be showcasing Bloomingdale’s prolific arts community by featuring poetry and art works (available for purchase) ranging from paintings and photography […]

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