Boer War novel is absorbing

Many books have been about the Boer War – from Arthur Conan Doyle‘s eyewitness account as field doctor; to Candice Millard’s account of Churchill’s daring escape, to Thomas Pakenham’s definitíve record of this bloody war to Deneys Reitz’s Commando: Boer War War Journal. Dave Baker’s The Tame Khaki is sweeping saga – romance – set against the background of the conflict that pitted Boer against Brit. while it may be fictionalised account, research is nothing short of impeccable and exhaustive in this immersive novel. Baker lives in Natal and is retired after a career in the financial services industry. He’s a relative newcomer to the art of writing which makes this, second novel (the first If I retreat, Shoot Me, set against SA’s involvement in World War II even more commendable. Written through the prism of a young English officer, Lieutenant Jack Whitelaw, who leaves native Dorset to sail to Durban to join regiment in the then Natal colony on the outskirts of Ladysmith, leaving behind not only close-knit farming family but English “rose” Jessica, he soon finds himself in a war where the Boers‘ guerrilla […]

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