BOOK REVIEW: Apocalypse darkens Meyer novel

New : Novelist Deon Meyer, who says for his new novel, Fever, chose a virus to wipe out most of earth’s people instead of an asteroid, ‘ that would have been too catastrophic’. He had to convince his more than international publishers his agents the postapocalyptic novel was worth taking a chance on. Picture: SUPPLIED Hodder & Stroughton Internationally acclaimed crime writer Deon Meyer has taken, "a calculated risk" in producing a doorstopper of a novel a postapocalyptic SA that will raise a fever almost as dangerous as that of his title. Reader reaction is to pour in "and so , it has been phenomenal, greater than for any other of my books", he says. The relief in his voice is palpable. He had to convince his more than 30 international publishers and his agents that Fever was worth taking a chance on. of his books, such as Trackers, have been standalone titles without his legendary character police detective Bennie Griessel. But Fever has broken new . It’s about an almost unrecognisable SA, ravaged by a global virus that has wiped out 95% of the world’s population. Packs of dogs, turned feral by […]

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