Theme Park Press As guests arrive at Disneyland or Walt World , they pass under an archway before heading onto Main Street U..A. Above the archway is a plaque that reads, “Here You Leave Today Enter the World of Yesterday, Tomorrow Fantasy.” that is exactly why people love going to a Park. It’s fun. It’s pleasant. They can leave all their everyday lives behind and just enjoy everything has to offer. For some, the passion is so deep they would love to work at one of the Parks. Nicklaus Hopkins was one of those people. After reluctantly succumbing to a bear hug from Goofy, four and a half year old Hopkins was hooked on . Years later, he and his wife moved to Florida and he at Walt World. Hopkins worked for the company for three years before moving on. He currently is a professional and college professor. Frozone & Hopkins as Mr. Incredible “ Of Mouse and Men – Confessions of a Walt World Character Performer ,” Hopkins recounts his experiences of playing nine : Goofy, Mr. Incredible, Woody, Army Man, Baloo, Br’er […]