ABOUT THE AUTHOR Hol­ly Jacobs leads a life full of romance and adven­ture. From sky­div­ing to jet-set­ting around Europe, from snor­kel­ing in coral reefs to writ­ing while wear­ing beau­ti­ful silk peignoir sets and pop­ping choco­late bon­bons, Hol­ly Jacobs leads a life that is the epit­o­me of romance… Well, my fic­tion­al life sounds more inter­est­ing, but not bet­ter than my real life. Real­ly, I’m the hap­pi­ly mar­ried moth­er of four. I cook a lot, gar­den and weave bas­kets! I write for Mont­lake Romance and Har­le­quin. My books range from light­heart­ed come­dies to more seri­ous dra­mas and now even mysteries…but at heart, they’re all sto­ries of love. I don’t always set out to write a series of books, but seem to find myself grav­i­tat­ing to them. Because so many peo­ple have asked, I’ve post­ed lists of all my series in order at www​.hol​ly​ja​cobs​.com/​b​o​o​k​s​e​r​i​e​s​.​h​tml . I real­ly try to make each sto­ry stand alone, but many of my read­ers enjoy read­ing the series in order. Hope this helps! Thank you to every­one who’s picked up a sin­gle book, or more of them. I’m so lucky to be sur­round­ed by so much sup­port! Hol­ly ABOUT THE STORYWLVH Radio Series and Every­thing […]