ABOUT THE AUTHOR Holly Jacobs leads a life full of romance and adventure. From skydiving jet-setting around Europe, from snorkeling in coral reefs writing while wearing silk peignoir sets and popping chocolate bonbons, Holly Jacobs leads a life that is the epitome of romance… Well, my fictional life sounds more interesting, but not better than my real life. Really, I’m the happily married mother of four. I cook a lot, garden and weave baskets! I write for Montlake Romance and Harlequin. My books range from lighthearted comedies to more serious dramas and now even mysteries…but at heart, they’re stories of love. I don’t always set to write a series of books, but seem to myself gravitating to them. Because so many have asked, I’ve posted lists of all my series in order at www.hollyjacobs.com/bookseries.html . I really try to make each story stand alone, but many of my enjoy the series in order. Hope this helps! you to everyone who’ picked up a single book, or more of them. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by so much support! Holly ABOUT THE STORY A WLVH Radio Series and […]

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