Book Review — “Tales from the Haunted Mansion Volume II: Midnight at Madam Leota’s”

The Haunted Mansion’s librarian, Amicus Arcane, is back for the second installment of Tales from the Haunted Mansion . For those unfamiliar, this book series is aimed at ages eight to twelve and promised that each volume would reveal the backstory for some of the "999 happy haunts," but the first installment completely missed its mark . I approached Volume II: Midnight at Madam Leota’s with a great deal of caution, and for good reason. From the title, you would assume this is one complete story about Madam Leota. I wish that were the case, but like the previous installment this book tells four short stories, none of which reveal any backstory about her, and the infamous beheaded medium appears for a total of nine pages. However, the second book in the series has more to do with the famous Disney Parks attraction than the first one and is inching a tiny bit closer to what fans of the ride deserve. Rather than four teenagers winding up in the mansion, the connecting tissue for Volume II follows William Gains, a young adult who can’t get over the death of his sister and has been seeking a true medium to […]

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