These are figures that have millions of devotees whose words have revelatory evidentiary status. Two Saints: Speculations Around Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Ramana Maharishi, by Arun Shourie Harper Collins, Rs 515 Arun Shourie’s new book, Two Saints, is an intriguing , often, fascinating journey the minds and lives of two particularly revered saints in India — Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Ramana Maharishi. But it is far from typical hagiography. Instead, Shourie focuses on interpreting their mystical and spiritual experiences in the context of modern neurology and psychology. These are figures that have millions of devotees and whose words have revelatory and evidentiary status. What they say, so it be. Two Saints, however, is an in-depth narrative and analysis of what are referred to as “out of body”, “near-death” experiences, altered states of consciousness, and the mesmeric these men held their disciples. While careful to cross that could be construed as critical of these much-revered figures, Shourie’s primary interest is clearly along the of rational, scientific investigation of these phenomena. While he acknowledges the that these experiences could be the result of mental ailments, neurological damage, and other psychologically […]

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