Book Reviews

Diana In Search of Herself “Smith has done a remarkable job extracting what’s genuinely pertinent and interesting about Diana…If you’re going to read one Diana book, this should be it.” “A tantalizing peek into the living museum that is European royalty and a portrait of Diana as a mentally ill princess. Wisely, Smith avoids psychobabble…and presents instead a narrative of the troubled princess’s travails….Smith paints a terribly sad picture of an unstable young woman whose destiny was sealed by her marriage….The liveliest parts of the book are about Diana’s lesser love affairs… The book …is an important achievement.Smith has done an impressive job of winnowing fact from fiction. She is also quite generous to her subject.” Washington Post Book World, Page One: August 29, 1999, Charlotte Hays “Smith amply and sympathetically documents Diana’s precarious mental state and her need for sustained professional help…Despite entering an already overcrowded field, Smith has produced a well-written, evenhanded work. There is also, remarkably, still a bit of juice to be squeezed from this particular fruit. The world may have believed Diana was the “people’s princess,” but Smith unsparingly details how Diana let down almost everyone who knew her.” Time, September 13, 1999 “Sally […]

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