BookLovers: Q&A with author Joyce Maynard

Hide caption I had so much ask literary icon Joyce Maynard about her lastest memoir “The Best of Us.” A New York Times bestselling writer and journalist perhaps most known for her relationship with literary icon J.D. Salinger, Maynard writes here about her late husband Jim, whom she met at 59, and who died just after their one-year wedding anniversary. I called Maynard at her home in Lafayette, California, before she speaks at Partners Village Store in Westport Oct. 17. Here’s our conversation: Daley: Was it painful to write this book? Maynard : It’s not a not personal catharsis; it’s trying to make sense of an experience and find meaning to it. That’s the function of my work for myself and hope for my readers… I’ve been writing all my life, sometimes about myself, and sometimes novels, but either way i’m a storyteller. The 19 months of Jim’s illness, only time I wasn’t writing. I didn’t know I was capable of not working. I had a developed a pretty strong and rigid work ethic, and it astonished me to discover I was able to set aside my single-minded pursuit, because my work became taking care of my husband… I […]

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