Books of the Week

Get your new year off a good start by examining a highlights from around the website or found within the pages of our members’ latest rare book catalogs . Cassic orange Penguins are always eye-catching. This one is was also influential part of early science fiction. The Quatermass Experiment: A Play for Television in Six Parts Description: [Harmondsworth, Middlesex]: Penguin Books, [159].. Small octavo, printed wrappers. First edition. Prints Kneale’s revised script for the first of the three BBC Quatermass serials aired in 153, 155 and 158/159 respectively. Includes film stills. "Effective melodrama and social satire for its time." – Anatomy of Wonder (187) 3-231. "Excellent scripts." – Pringle, The Ultimate Guide to Science Fiction, second edition (195), p. 24. "With hindsight, there is a clear pattern in Kneale’s work in which ordinary people are seen as stupid and ignorant, and ready prey for the supernatural or science-fictional forces that will almost inevitably attempt to control . There is a seigneurial, Edwardian element in this, a recoiling from the vulgar. This is a point worth belaboring, because Kneale was certainly a much better than average scriptwriter — the Quatermass series especially is exemplary — and […]

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