Brand New's 'Science Fiction' Is a Dizzying, Legend-Making (and Potentially Career-Closing) Album

Brandon Sloter After eight years of public speculation, message board sleuthing amateur detective work, Brand New ’s fifth studio album is finally a real, tangible thing. Science Fiction surprised us, but it’s not a surprise album , at least not in the 2017 music industry definition of the term. There were no pop-up shops or thirst-heavy viral stunts. Zane Lowe didn’t premiere a song on his Apple Music show hell, the album isn’t even up on streaming services. It’s been almost four years since Dec. 2013, but there’s a good chance frontman Jesse Lacey still doesn’t know what “pull a Beyoncé ” means. No, Brand New’s straight-to-diehards release plan feels more like a cut from a bygone era, when punk indie rock fans were connected by home address listings mail order catalogs, when bands sent out glossy 8X10’s en masse could write their own mythologies through hokey, half-true one-sheet bios. Still, it feels sincere. The Long Island-bred emo band never appeared particularly made for century, from its tendency to scrap songs over Internet leaks to its famously SEO-unfriendly name. Even someone who tried to search for a secondhand “Brand New t-shirt” […]

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