Credit: Brandon Graham (Image Comics) Credit: Brandon Graham (Image Comics) After almost two decades, Brandon Graham’s Multiple Warheads is coming to an end with the Ghost Throne OGN. Taking place in the far future of an irradiated Russia, the serial tells the story of misfits assassin Nura, organ smuggler Sexica, and her werewolf lover, Nikoli. Originally launched at Oni Press in 2017, Multiple Warheads flew to Image Comics in 2012 as the writer/artist began working on Prophet . With Multiple Warheads: Ghost Throne due out February 21, Graham spoke with Newsarama about the finale, his inspirations along the way, and what lies ahead for his career. Newsarama : So Brandon, let’s start with the fact that you began the Multiple Warheads world almost 20 years ago, did you think when you started out that the journey would be this in depth? Brandon Graham : Initially, my only plan was for it to be a short story in a porn anthology. I remember being really excited at the time with coming up with characters with solid blacks and whites in their designs. I remember a graffiti writer I knew telling me that if the design he started from was solid, […]

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