‘Brave,’ by Rose McGowan

Photo: HarperOne In Rose McGowan’s ferocious new memoir, “Brave,” she reveals for the first time the details of her alleged assault by Harvey Weinstein in Park City, Utah, during the 1997 Sundance Film Festival. McGowan, a young up-and-coming actress who was appearing in four films at Sundance that year, was supposed to meet the Miramax studio head, referred to in the book as “the Monster,” in the restaurant of his hotel, but in what’s now a nauseatingly recognizable pattern, she was told he was finishing a call and sent instead to his suite. McGowan was being followed by an MTV film crew that day, and as she entered the hotel, her cheerful parting words to the camera were, “I think my life is finally getting easier.” The meeting had been called to discuss future film roles. “I figured I’d do what I did best, use my intelligence and wit to prove I was different from the stereotype of an actress,” writes McGowan, who had never met the studio boss. After they spoke briefly, she alleges that the hulking Weinstein pushed her into a room in his suite with a Jacuzzi, removed her clothing, and forced oral sex on her […]

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