Brilliance emanates out of virtually every frame in S. Craig Zahler’s Brawl in Cell Block 99 . That might sound silly, but I use the word advisedly. “Brilliance” might be the only appropriate descriptor for the directorial quality of this film; One Perfect Shot could easily fill the next six months exclusively tweeting still images from Zahler’s second feature. But it’s not just the gobsmacking visual direction and cinematography that here qualifies as brilliant direction. No, Vince Vaughn’s shocking knock-out of a performance must be attributed in large part to Zahler’s direction as well. Vaughn has long wanted to leave behind his Dodgeball days as an exclusively comedic actor, constantly positioning himself as the next comedy star to break out as a *cough cough* serious dramatic actor à la Steve Carell in Foxcatcher or BoJack Horseman in Secretariat . As of yet, it hasn’t stuck — his most high-profile dramatic role was in the second season of True Detective , a season of television that, as I understand it, has been pushed into extinction by popular demand. But Zahler — Zahler has managed to extract such a fantastic movie-star performance out of Vaughn; a performance which, if everything is […]