Bray Literary Festival: one for the many, not the few

Some of the faces appearing at Bray Literary Festival in September People in ecstasy or mud were surprise at Glastonbury. Then Jeremy Corbyn walked on stage and electrified everyone as read a 200-year-old by Percy Bysshe Shelley – raising a battle cry from people with the potential to change everything. Sharing things which shape , which move , is more important than ever, believes Annemarie Ní Churreáin, whose poetry collection Bloodroot (Doire ) debuts autumn. “In these strange times, literature festivals essential. We need spaces in society that promote writers and writing. The arts , after all, the radios by which we hear ourselves and others, the mirrors by which we can begin to understand who we really .” Annmarie is one of more than 30 exciting artists taking part in Bray Literary Festival (September 23rd-24th), a new event curated by Tanya Farrelly. Farrelly is author of The Girl Behind the Lens (Harper Collins, 2016) and won year’s Kate O’Brien award for her short story collection When Black Dogs Sing (Arlen House, 2016). She knows how competitive the festival circuit can be, which is part of the reason she and her husband […]

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