Breathe movie review: paralyzed but determined to be mobile (#LFF2017)

green light = see it ou’ll be dead in two weeks,” growls an unsympathetic doctor to Robin Cavendish, stricken with polio and unable to breathe on own, his , Diana, springs him from a British hospital. Apparently this was the way things were: Someone Robin, paralyzed from the neck down and utterly dependent on a respirator, was expected to simply lie in a hospital for the rest of his life, presumed to be no more than a few months anyway. I suppose that cantankerous doctor his patient’s best interests at heart, since no one in Robin’s condition ever survived outside a hospital . The thing is, though: No one ever even tried . “What’s that, bean? Polio, you say? Well, that’s not very cricket, is it?” Breathe , then, is an adventure story. It’s shaped as a , as determined Diana (Claire Foy: Rosewater , Season of the Witch ) dedicates herself to making an actual life for herself, her husband, and their newborn son, rather than abandoning Robin (Andrew Garfield: Silence , 9 Homes ) to a short, clinically warehoused life. (“Let me die,” he tells her in the early […]

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