Breathe movie review: paralyzed but determined to be mobile (#LFF2017)

green light = see it ou’ll be dead in two weeks,” growls an unsympathetic doctor to Robin Cavendish, stricken with polio and unable to breathe on his own, as his wife, Diana, springs him from a British hospital. Apparently this was the way things were: Someone like Robin, paralyzed from the neck down and utterly dependent on a respirator, was expected to simply lie in a hospital bed for the rest of his life, presumed to be no more than a few months anyway. I suppose that cantankerous doctor had his patient’s best interests at heart, since no one in Robin’s condition had ever survived outside a hospital before. The thing is, though: No one had ever even tried . “What’s that, old bean? Polio, you say? Well, that’s not very cricket, is it?” Breathe , then, is an adventure story. It’s shaped as a romance, as determined Diana (Claire Foy: Rosewater , Season of the Witch ) dedicates herself to making an actual life for herself, her husband, and their newborn son, rather than abandoning Robin (Andrew Garfield: Silence , 99 Homes ) to a short, clinically warehoused life. (“Let me die,” he tells her in the early […]

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