A while back I asked y’all for rec­om­men­da­tions for pop­u­lar books that a sci­en­tist would enjoy. Mean­ing, not writ­ten a too low a lev­el, not too hype-y, etc. There were so many great rec­om­men­da­tions that it was hard to choose! But in the end, I decid­ed to start : The Thrilling Adven­tures of Lovelace and Bab­bage: The (Most­ly) True Sto­ry Of The First Com­put­er by Syd­ney Pad­ua The That Changed Amer­i­ca: How Darwin’s The­o­ry Of Evo­lu­tion Ignit­ed A Nation by Ran­dall Fuller (note: this one didn’t come up in the thread; I bought it on impulse at the ) Brief below the fold. tl;dr: The first three are all well worth time. The Book That Changed Amer­i­ca is a bait and switch and emi­nent­ly skip­pable. How I Killed Plu­to is by the Cal­tech astronomer who’s dis­cov­ery of numer­ous plan­et-like bod­ies in solar sys­tem even­tu­al­ly led to Plu­to (the largest of such bod­ies) being demot­ed from “plan­et” sta­tus. Won­der­ful lit­tle book – fun­ny, charm­ing, and insight­ful. Gives the blow-by-blow of Brown’s plan­et hunt­ing, which was wide­ly seen as a wild goose chase (includ­ing some­times by Brown him­self). Brown inter­leaves the sci­ence sto­ries from his life– got […]