British author creates psychological thriller with narrator who suffers from amnesia

Jim Ross British author Cally Taylor’s latest book, “The Missing” is about a family torn apart by secrets. C.L. Taylor’s new novel of psychological suspense, “The Missing,” is a story of a family torn apart by secrets. For her part, Cally Taylor doesn’t think it’s any secret why novels such as hers enjoy great popularity — particularly at the moment. In this e-interview, the British author reveals her thoughts on that popularity, discusses her craft, and considers the narrative challenges inherent in the plot of “The Missing.” Q: What was the initial spark for the plot of “The Missing?” What led you to this particular story? A: Many of my psychological thrillers are inspired by my fears and “The Missing” was no different. I have a 6-year-old son and my worst fear is anything terrible happening to him. I knew I couldn’t write about a child that young going missing because I would find it too distressing so I gave my main character Claire a teenage son — Billy — instead. I find the relationship between parents and teenagers fascinating. It’s a tricky time of life when some children pull away and become more secretive as they explore their […]

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