Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Return to Skyfire, recap: Boyle gets mummified

Jake became and elfish like creature, Terry got his muscles out and Rosa became a bounty hunter in Brooklyn Nine-Nine “Return to Skyfire.” Brooklyn Nine-Nine “Return to Skyfire” had Jake ( Samberg) and Terry (Terry Crews) skipping arm in arm together as investigated the stolen from one of their -time favorite . Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) became hooked on a bounty hunter that looks just like her. Captain Holt (Andre Braugher) and Amy (Melissa Fumero) try to get board certified in forensics but mummifying Charles (Joe Lo Truglio) causes that to be a problem. Terry learns that the author of his favorite books series, DC Parlov (Fred Melamed) is in town for a convention and a case for him. Jake is immediately on board as he got hooked on the books while in prison. Rosa mocks the two of them for enjoy the books so much and gets called out and is to join them in the investigation. Holt and Amy to host a forensic course in the precinct with the of getting the nine-nine certified so that they can get their own field lab. The only problem is Boyle wants in on […]

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