Canadian Community: Canadians who shine on global stage

Joni Mitchell – Courtesy of YouTube" width="780" height="357" border="0"> According to a 2015 census, Canada had a population of 35.85 million. Despite their small population, however, many Canadians have enjoyed the spotlight on the global stage in various fields, from natural sciences and economics to the arts and culture. From 1908 to date, for example, around 25 Canadians have won the prestigious Nobel Prize for their excellence in science, economics, literature and peace. Canadian artists and entertainers – from the highbrow to the mainstream – have also earned international recognition. Below are some snapshots of their achievements overseas in their respective fields. Science and economics In the field of economics, three Canadians have won the Nobel Prize within a period of three years: Robert Mundell in 1999, Myron Scholes in 1997 and William Vickrey in 1996. Mundell, in particular, has distinguished himself through his Mundell-Fleming economic model, set forth by Mundell and Marcus Fleming, which explains the correlations among an economy’s nominal exchange value, its interest rate and output. Meanwhile, in the natural sciences, Canadians have won the Nobel Prize in the fields of physiology and medicine, physics and chemistry. The best-known among them is Ernest Rutherford, whose name […]

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