Canadianity: Taggart and Torrens bring 'bahdism' to masses with book, tour

Taggart & Torrens defined (definitions from the book Canadianity: Tales From the True North Strong and Freezing)bahd: Slang for “bud.” One who is kind in the way only Canadians can be. Canadianity: Too personal to define. For us, it’s hundreds of bahds showing up at a live TnT show in Saskatoon during a snowstorm. Taggart & Torrens Nov. 21 Broadway Theatre Tickets $15 Box office: Jeremy Taggart has traversed this great country a couple dozen times as part of Our Lady Peace and as one half of the podcast duo Taggart & Torrens. He recently released a book with fellow podcast host Jonathan Torrens in which they discuss what they’ve learned from travelling “the true north strong and freezing.” Q: What made you guys decide to put your thoughts to print? A: I think it happened naturally from over 100 episodes of the pod, just telling stories and the way everyone has embraced the idea of Canadianity. The stuff we talk about is really celebrating Canada and it ends up becoming bigger than all of us. To write a book about came pretty natural, to have our perspective growing up in this country and also putting together our […]

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