Carlo Rovelli: 'I felt the beautiful adventure of physics was a story that had to be told'

There are two kinds of popular science books. The first kind is for passionate readers. Say you are mad about butterflies. You want a book that gives you all the details about all varieties of butterflies, their lives, habits and colours. You are keen to know everything. The other kind of popular science book is written for everybody else. Say you never cared much for butterflies, but one day you happened on a book filled with incredible images of their phantasmagorical wings and read an interesting fact, such as how many of them live only for a single day … even though you don’t want many details, you suddenly find yourself wanting to learn more. If you are a writer as well as a reader, one who has spent much of your life studying butterflies, the book you probably dream of writing is the latter. Because what you want to communicate is not your knowledge, but your wonder; to share it with all the poor souls unaware of the butterfly’s frail beauty. I began to write my first book for general readers in this spirit. I was enchanted by modern theoretical physics. I found its discoveries astonishing; and the […]

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