Carrie-Anne Moss shines in an otherwise weak episode of Jessica Jones

Photo: David Giesbrecht (Netflix) Well, it was nice while it lasted. After a string of solid episodes, “AKA Pork Chop” returns to the messiness that defined the first half of Jessica Jones ’ second season. But it does at least provide an informative case study on how to build a season-long story. And how not to. Let’s examine the most successful element of the episode first: the culmination of Jeri Hogarth’s storyline. Hogarth’s illness was introduced in the very first episode of the season and it’s shaped her arc ever since. We’ve seen her blow off steam with drugs and sex, consider ending her own life, and eventually become committed to the idea of finding an extralegal means of curing herself. Grappling with her diagnosis has allowed Hogarth to grow and change as a character. She began as a cynical power player and grew to become an optimistic woman who believes in miracles. Hogarth’s diagnosis also provided season-long storytelling fuel as well. It inspired Hogarth to make amends with Jessica in order to hire her to find dirt on her law firm partners, which has served as an ongoing subplot for the season. And it made Hogarth open to […]

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