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Two recent high-profile books give advice on how to raise boys. They are both worth highlighting because of the importance of the topic and the ways they approach the issue. The first one is Warren Farrell’s “The Boy Crisis,” which I reviewed in late March here . The second book is just out, Michael C. Reichert’s, “How to Raise a Boy: The Power of Connection to Build Good Men.” It’s the “it book” on the topic, enjoying wildly major press in the last few weeks in the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Atlantic, CBS News, Time, and NPR. Every review is laudatory. They shouldn’t be. The message of the 278 pages of “How to Raise a Boy” comes down to just two points: 1) The main problem with boyhood today is boyhood itself. 2) Boys will be fine when we move away from traditionalism and they are allowed to be more relational and in touch with their inner selves. These are certainly not original ideas. Same drum, new drummer. This has been the boyhood story with so-called progressives since the Age of Aquarius. Given this, though, it’s remarkable to examine how Reichert makes his case. He [...]


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