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Caro, 83, published his first memoir titled "Working," which documents his years as a journalist. Robert A. Caro is racing against the clock. The acclaimed author of five books of biography -— four on President Lyndon Johnson alone — knows time is waning to write the final volume on LBJ. At 83 years old, Caro has spent more than 50 years compiling the life stories of LBJ and New York City planner Robert Moses. The ticking clock did not, however, keep him from taking time off to write a short memoir. The title of the 240-page memoir is as straightforward as the author himself. “Working: Researching, Interviewing, Writing,” provides insight into Caro’s remarkable career. He published his first book in 1974, “The Power Broker: Robert Moses and the Fall of New York,” which earned him a Pulitzer Prize. He would win a second one in 2003 for his book “Master of the Senate,” on Johnson. In a recent whirlwind of interviews, Caro promised a much more in-depth memoir to follow his next and last book on President Johnson. “Working” is a hedge on the bet he won’t live long enough to write a full-throated memoir. His fifth Johnson biography [...]