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Had enough of big-budget extravaganzas where it looks like they spent a lot of money on a lot of things except a writer? Or a movie with stars, but no idea to begin with? Well here then, are just some sci-fi movies from the first 18 years of this century that prove that you don’t need big budgets, or big stars, to ask big questions or tell a good sci-fi story. Movies made on a budget of less than $100,000 or thereabouts. Primer (2004) Over the years, Primer has gained quite the cult following for its heady mix of experimental storytelling and mind-bending time travel story. Made by engineer-turned-filmmaker Shane Carruth for $7,000 (in 2004), Primer is the kind of film that doesn’t shy away from asking big questions about the implications of time travel, while not pandering to the audience. The film revolves around two entrepreneurs who accidentally invent the time machine in their garage and end up setting off a chain reaction of time loops, alternate futures and doubles. If you haven’t watched this, do so now. Then watch it again to get a grip on what really happened the first time you saw it. Coherence (2013) [...]


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