CELEBMIX EXCLUSIVE: Dylan Dunlap Talks New Single “Microphones & Lights”

Whether it be performing on the streets of Los Angeles, appearing on NBC’s The Voice, or opening for acts such as Molly Ringwald, Phil Wickham and Howie Day, twenty-one-year old Dylan Dunlap has kept one thing in mind throughout his career: to strive for integrity and transparency. With the premiere of his new single, “ Microphones & Lights ,” Dunlap is more open and honest than ever. Dunlap revealed that he wrote the song at a time when he was having writer’s block, but his struggles with mental illness inspired him to create a piece of music that was as transparent as he could possibly make it. Since he based the song on something so personal, Dunlap says the song just flowed out on its own. That isn’t to say that he didn’t run into problems while writing the song. At first, Dunlap’s insecurities almost prevented him from writing about his personal struggles out of fear of being “too personal,” but once he thought about how many people would be able to relate to his struggles, Dunlap knew that he had to use his platform as a way to shed light on an important topic such as this one. […]

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