Chelsea Wolfe's New Album Finds Stability in Chaos

The songwriter explains how a willingness to embrace change inspired ‘Hiss Spun’ and the anxious video for "16 Psyche." Dianca London Aug 14 2017, 5:59pm Chelsea Wolfe’s sixth studio album Hiss Spun was catalyzed by a reunion. Around 10 years ago, the goth-folk songwriter had a band with Happy Fangs drummer Jess Gowrie, but the years since had been quiet for the pair. "[We] didn’t talk for seven years after I left," Wolfe explains. "Two years ago, we started hanging out again, and along with our friendship the musical chemistry came flying back. It was important to me to play music with Jess again—she taught me a lot about music and how to be a front person of a band." The follow-up to Wolfe’s 2015 album Abyss began as a side project between the her and Gowrie, aided by friends like Queens of the Stone Age guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen and Wolfe’s bandmate Ben Chisholm. Fueled by the comfort of their reconnection, Hiss Spun —due out September 22—came to life as an evocative meditation on finding stability and sanity in a chaotic world. Accordingly, the record opens with a disorienting swirl of sounds. The distorted screech of "Spun" gives […]

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