'Children Of Blood And Bone' Is A Feast For Hungry Readers

Children of Blood and Bone Zélie was born maji, person meant to wield the magic of the gods for the good of the people of Orïsha. But when she was child, the of Orïsha ordered raid that wiped out most of the maji, her mother, and subjugated those who were left. Marked by their hair and devoid of their powers, maji and their families live fear. Zélie is just trying to survive and not cause any more trauma for her non-maji brother Tzain and their father. Amari and her brother Inan grew up the luxury of the royal palace, far away from the suffering of the maji. The King has raised children to be cold and to put the good of Orïsha before themselves, at the expense of or compassion. Amari’s greatest relief from this is her relationship with her maji servant, Binta. When an act of cruelty cuts that bond short, Amari steals a scroll that may be the key to restoring magic to Orïsha and escapes the palace. A chance encounter makes Zélie and Amari unlikely allies, and they must across Orïsha to perform a […]

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