Cold Cuts Robert Payne Cabeen Omnium Gatherum Press August 26, 2017 Reviewed by Shane Douglas Keene Robert Payne Cabeen is a new name to me, a fresh voice on the hardcore scene and promising talent that came of nowhere and completely surprised me. And it isn’t for that to happen when the editor is the multi-talented /editor Kate Jonez and the press is Omnium Gatherum. Their books and their increasing stable of authors never fail to please and the only truly unexpected thing that could come them at this in my experiences with them be if they published a book that failed to impress me. And Cold Cuts , the outing Cabeen, is another fantastic specimen of the type of shelf speculative fiction to come out of the field that is Omnium Gatherum and find me shaking my head in wonder at the sheer originality of the thing. It’s a science fiction story not quite like anything I’ve read before, simultaneously expansive in , claustrophobic in nature, and exceedingly eloquent in the telling and it’s a book that I would place high on your TBR if you haven’t […]

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