"I began writing these books to begin with: because I felt that contemporary, modern Asia was so underrepresented in fiction. It was always my dream to really kind of enlighten people," author Kevin Kwan said about his Rich trilogy. (CBC) Senior online arts writer Jessica Wong is the longtime online arts and entertainment writer for CBC News. She’s a fan of Harry Potter, musical theatre, Game of Thrones, Dave Chappelle’s comedy, ’90s R&B and those little Tasty videos. A Giambattista Valli couture gown for a five-year-old. A $5 billion trust fund. Plastic surgery for a favourite fish. An epic proposal featuring dozens of dancers and musicians, an elephant and Shah Rukh Khan. In Rich People Problems , author Kevin Kwan concludes his trilogy about the unimaginably wealthy, famously catty and positively outrageous schemers of the Asian jet set first introduced in his bestseller Crazy Rich Asians . The Singapore-born, New York-based writer talked to CBC News about wrapping up his blockbuster tale, why the third novel is more Downton Abbey -esque and visiting the set of Hollywood’s Crazy Rich Asians movie. Q: How does it feel completing your trilogy? A: When we first spoke, it was the hope that […]

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