Crash Course to Grammar: The 8 Parts of Speech- Lesson 2

Verbs and Adjectives Last week we talked about nouns and pronouns , which are the basic building blocks of language. This week, we will be talking about verbs and adjectives, which enable us to go from just naming things to creating complete sentences. There are several different types of verbs and adjectives that each have their own function and position in a sentence. Verbs A verb is a word that show action or state of being. There are three categories of verbs. Action Verbs An action verb is a main verb that shows action and stands alone Ex. I opened the book. Linking Verbs A linking verb is a main verb that shows a state of being and stands alone Ex. I feel strong. True Linking Verbs include all forms of: Other linking verbs: appear feel grow look remain smell sound stay taste turn get prove *Some linking verbs can also function as action verbs. To test this, substitute the verb with the appropriate form of a true linking verb. If the sentence still makes sense, it is a linking verb. Helping Verbs A helping verb is a verb that cannot stand alone and must be paired with an […]

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