To the lighthouse at the end of the world: I’m being released on Friday. Just thought you should know. You know, before you go inside you think thirty years is a long time—a life sentence—but it really isn’t a long time. It’s all the time there is. It’s every damned second you own and then some. But I’ve survived. I’ve thrived. And just in case you haven’t worked it out yet, I’m coming for you. Yours faithfully, Franz Staring out to see was one of the favorite pastimes of the man who lived in the lighthouse at the end of the world. Out there was possibility. Out there was hope. He laughed and the sound was shredded by the shriek of the gale. The wind stole the sound from right out of his throat and flung it at the walls of the lighthouse. That same wind whipped the the sand dunes into miniature tornadoes that bobbed and spun like dervishes until their power was finally spent and the sand fell lifeless once more. The man who lived in the lighthouse at the end of the world sighed and gripped his crutches tightly as if doing so could make the […]

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