Cunningham Cabin 2: The horse thief that got away

Tutler avoided this possible fate when he made his getaway on a horse he stole from Mrs. Cunningham. (Wikipedia) JACKSON HOLE, WYO – Certainly, a great many people are familiar with Cunningham Cabin and the famous shootout that occurred there in 1893. The incident involving a posse made up of men from Montana, Idaho, and Jackson Hole that resulted in the killing of two alleged horse thieves is one shrouded in mystery. All one can truly be certain of is two men died that day at the home of John Pierce Cunningham near present day Triangle X Ranch. But the story that intrigues us at Buckrail is a lesser known tale, also involving alleged horse rustlers. In extensively researching it, we could find no confirmation on the validity of this story. No additional source to collaborate the memory of its author—Marion V. Allen—who documented the account in his book Early Jackson Hole . There is no reason to believe the story untrue. Allen is often quite accurate and precise in his recollection and writings on the history of Jackson Hole when he lived in the valley from 1906-1923. Horse thieves from Montana Cunningham Cabin today. This particular Allen yarn […]

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