Description I see the rainbow. Here, in front of me. Dancing following the rhythm of street singers music. Slice of Life – Simple Story – BTS MEMBER ONE SHOT STORY © itsmearmy94 Foreword "Jiminie .. look what I brought!" The sound of the music made her shout to be heard. But I ignore it and continue my practice dance. "Jiminie .. take a break, I’ll have a snack." I still ignore and see her sitting on the couch and put her things on the table from the mirror in front of me. "Yah! Jimini-ah!" she shouted louder. Finally I finished my training. I could see her irritated expression from the mirror for not being noticed. "Arasseo, arasseo.” “Woah, see who’s coming?" I walked over, stretching my arms to embrace her. But Saera suddenly held up one hand forwards, keeping me from approaching. "Wae?" I asked. She looking me from head to toe. "You’re wet." "It’s just sweat!" "Did you take a shower this morning?" "So what are you carrying?" I said, change the topic. "Ck, no answer." "Yah, it doesn’t mean I don’t bathe for not answering, I’m just curious about what you’re carrying." "Nae.., nae.." she surrendered, made […]

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